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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Kickstarter project: SketchCraft: Digibooks

Here is a man who knows how to create a visual impression - artist Rob Duenas.

So, anyway, I'm on the Kickstarter website, and I'm browsing the Comics projects, and I come across the project image, above. Some crazy looking green dude armed with a couple of what appear to be high-powered space weapons of some sort. The image is really colorful, and the characters in it create a striking pose. The combination of colors, characters, and dynamic action all work in concert to grab my eye and capture my attention. This, right here, is how you unlock the doorway to potential backers. After all, just getting them on your project page is half the challenge.

When the project page loads, my eye is treated to a Kickstarter that has already surpassed its funding goal several times over. Rob Duenas asked for a paltry five hundred dollars. This, my fine Kickstarter friends, is a shining example of sand bagging.

I mean, there's no way that this project wasn't going to meet its funding goal. I just don't see that happening, even in the very worst of circumstances. Why? Because, there's just way too much artistic talent on full display on this Kickstarter project page for that to be a realistic possibility.

No, what artist Rob Duenas has done, here, is to set up a Kickstarter project page that ambushes the eye. That super looking project image lures you in with all of its color and dynamic action, and then Rob unloads on you with a plethora of imagery that makes your eyes swoon. Rob Duenas is one clever bastard, because he knows just, exactly what he is doing, when it comes to crafting a Kickstarter page from scratch.

As I begin to scroll down the project page, my eyes are greeted by no less than seven horizontal banner images proclaiming the various stretch goals for this Kickstarter that have already been unlocked. Good God, Rob! You've got some sensory overload going on here, dude!

Visually, it's more than just a colorful way to tease the eye with more art. What it does is to create a whole visual wall geared towards impressing upon the project page visitor that this Kickstarter is afire with success. Goal after goal after goal has been met, and Rob Duenas is clever enough to rub your nose in it, just as soon as you come through the door and start nosing about a bit.

Remember - where your Kickstarter project is concerned, what you want is to create a positive visual impression, and what does that better than by sending a freight train of visuals that success is already happening, baby?

Rob Duenas artwork tends to be full of visual energy, anyway, and that makes his Kickstarter project page a serious contender for accumulating backers for his project.

He visually wows you every step of the way, as you scroll down the project page, the colors and the characters in his art becoming his best allies in his battle to get your attention.

Battle is a weak word, though, as it is as obvious as the nose on your face that artist Rob Duenas is Hell-bent on declaring visual war in the bid to get your attention, because Rob grasps a critical fact - that if he can't get your attention, then he likely won't have any real chance of persuading you to part with some pledge dollars, for the sake of backing what he's wanting you to back. Visually, Rob Duenas goes in with the equivalent of both guns blazing. He fully intends that his Kickstarter get backed, and on the visual front, he takes no prisoners.

And, did I mention the project video?

Well, I need to, since it is a really nice example of an individual actually bothering to explain his project. The project video strikes a nice contrast, I think, to the powerful visuals of the static art images plastered all down the project page.

It's a fast-paced video, even though it is a little over three-and-one-half minutes long. Rob does a really good job of describing what this project is, and why he's doing it.  It features him, his art, and shows some visual steps of how he constructs his art. This project is about the process that he follows, when creating pieces of art, and I dare say that it looks damned informative! I went ahead and watched the project video, not once but twice, just to be sure. I'm sure. I think that you will be, too, once you take time to watch the project video for this Kickstarter.

All things considered, just how impressive is this project? Well, let me put it this way - I'm Squatch Kicking this baby, right here, right now!

BOOM!! Done. Jump on it!

BUT.....do yourself a real favor, people, and don't just check out this project. Take it one step further, and drop in on Rob Duenas' online art gallery. It has got lots of depth to it, not to mention multiple categories and plenty of examples of an artist that shows no signs of stopping anytime soon.

Plus, did I mention that the digibooks are DRM-free? That's right, none of that digital rights management bullshit! Just quality products with a quality approach. Now, this is something that people can get behind - and, they are!

Project: SketchCraft: Digibooks
Project Creator: Rob Duenas
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