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Friday, September 12, 2014

Crowd Funding Tip # 7 - Think in visual terms

Kickstarter is a medium that is visually-oriented. By that, I simply mean that, if you want to get somewhere with your Kickstarter project's funding campaign, it is extremely important for your project page to incorporate visual elements that have visual impact. In other words, you want to use photographs or artwork to inject heavy doses of visual stimuli into your project page.

Why? To wow people! To grab their attention. To get their adrenaline flowing. To give them reason to be excited about finding your project. To get the job done!

Do not be afraid of having too much visual impact. For a Kickstarter project page, there's no such thing as having too much visual impact. The more, the better, as far as I am concerned - and I look at quite a few Kickstarters, let me tell you.

The image above is from a project called LEGENDS OF LOG giant size annual. I chose it to serve as the lead in image for this article, because I haven't had a chance to write an article about that project, yet, but I really love the image. It has strong visual impact. It is an image of a charcter that is a log fighting some type of creature with gigantic teeth. It sends a strong visual message. It is of a scene with action going on in it. It is a scene of a battle. Thus, it is very dynamic. The color is bright, even vibrant in instances. It catches my eye. I look at it and I say to myself, "Hell, yeah!"

Your project page needs either ART or PHOTOGRAPHS on it. Period. There are no ifs, ands, or buts about it. Preferably, your project page will feature BOTH. If you're not an artist, or if you can't afford one, then use photographs. In no instance should your project page be comprised of only a project image and a mass of text. Rather, you want to have both a project image (or, more preferably, a project video - of which the first image in the video will double as your project image) and additional images running down the length of your project page. I have yet to encounter a project page that turned me off, due to having too many images on it. More than a few, however, have turned me off from them, simply because they lack visual energy.

If you're using photographs on your project page, keep in mind that people in photographs are almost always objects of visual interest. Scenes of nature are, as well. The lighting of the subject being photographed matters, as does visual contrast. If people can't tell what's in the photo, then you might want to give second thoughts to it.

Also, many will encounter your project first, by way of viewing a small thumbnail image for your project. If that small image lacks visual impact, then your project may get skipped over more frequently. Hence, why you want good visuals, for the sake of grabbing people's eyes, for the sake of commanding their attention. It's the visual equivalent of grabbing somebody by the shoulder and telling them, "Hey, look over here!"

To get your project funded successfully, you need to attract a crowd. It's called crowd funding for a reason, remember? In order to attract a crowd, you need to get people's attention. The more attention that your project page attracts, the more likely it becomes that your crowd will be bigger than it otherwise would be, had you not succeeded in grabbing people's attention.

Videos also serve to add visual interest and visual impact to a project page. Your chances of reaching your funding goal are better, if your project page has a video. Period. So, unless you're just a glutton for punishment, fore go punishing yourself, by not having a project video. Create a video, or have a friend create one for you, or if nothing else, then pay somebody to create a video for your project page.

People woefully underestimate how well that they look or come across, in homemade videos. The video doesn't have to be perfect. You don't have to be perfect. A million excuses will net your project nothing, while simultaneously costing your project out the ass. It's OK to be shy. It's OK to stumble or stutter during the video. Just create one - no matter what! It is to your own project's best interest, that you have a project video. Having additional videos on your project page beyond the project video are optional.

In summation, to be seen, your must be visual. If you do nothing else, be absolutely certain that you inject a lot of visual elements into your project page. Grab their eye! Be seen, for crying out loud!


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