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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Project Creator: Russell Nohelty

It's late at night, approximately 1:30 a.m. in the morning, and I should be in bed. But, what am I doing, instead?

For some seemingly inexplicable reason, I found it "necessary" to back a Kickstarter graphic novel project called Ichabod Jones: Monster Hunter. Apparently, Ichabod Jones isn't the only one who's gone crazy.

This one had me at the video. Damn that project creator, Russell Nohelty, and his artist sidekick, Renzo Podesta for putting this thing together! Ultimately, though, it was listening to Russell in the video talking about the comic book that really commandeered my attention and made me want to support this project.

The combination of Russell narrating what this book was about, while simultaneously showing us the pages from the book, was more than I could resist. What can I say? I'm just the latest victim of this Ichabod Jones fellow. He didn't kill me, but he is apparently Hell bent on killing my wallet.

But, honest-to-God, I've been trying to do better, about not backing so many Kickstarter projects. My pledges are always low amounts, anyway, but my wife has started quizzing me about what all these Kickstarter charges are. They just keep showing up on our electronic statement, apparently. Fortunately, this experience has provided me an excellent opportunity to practice my mumbling skills

Ichabod Jones is a murderer. He's been sentenced to an insane asylum. Really, this is not the kind of person that I should be hanging out with, but I keep reassuring myself that he's only a fictional character. It's just a comic book. OK, OK, so technically speaking, it's a graphic novel. Far be it from me to deny a psycho-killer in comic form his due.

Did I mention that Issue # 1 is available to read for free, online?

Personally, I hate reading comic books in this manner. But, I just had to check this one out. I was curious, see, and you would think that at some point, I would learn my lesson about checking out interesting sounding comic books. Quickly, this graphic novel had me in a visual stranglehold!

As a gesture to my wife, I decided that I would only pledge the bare minimum to this crowd funding campaign. It was either that or nothing, and I really think that this project deserves to be funded. So, while my wife slept peacefully in our bed, I hit the pledge button ever so quietly.

Ichabod Jones is a psycho-killer, one who apparently finds himself in the Apocalypse. In a sharp and strange twist of fate, this inhumane monster of a man becomes the monster hunter. And to think, all this time you've been wondering why they say that fate is fickle.

The art has a gritty feeling to it, but the coloring is solid, and it helps to set the mood for this graphic novel.

The characters have a bit of a cartoony feel to them, but they are portrayed in a serious vein, so the end result is that with each turn of the page, you want to find out what happened.

Issue # 1 is a solid read, or it was for me, anyway. This is a nice little product that Russel Nohelty has put together for us. It is so much better than a lot of stuff that is on the market, these days. It truly is!

If this book was lying around on a coffee table, people would pick it up. They would do so, just to see what it was about. Ichabod standing there, knife in hand, just staring back at the reader. You only find out about Ichabod's history as a murderer after you turn the page - or, unless you stumble across the Kickstarter project page for this project.

Like any good book, if you pick this one up, it will be hard to put down, until you've finished it. It's a fast read, and it gets into the action quickly and effectively.

These days, there's a lot of competition amongst various Kickstarter projects from all kinds of different categories, all competing for attention and support. I can honestly say that I think that this project deserves to be looked at, deserves to be supported

Of course, what caused the Apocalypse to come about, I don't know, yet. Dangle that fruit of interest right under our noses, leaving us wanting to know, wanting to find out what happens to Ichabod and to everyone else.

Russell Nohelty shamelessly plugs this book, and I find his own enthusiasm for this item to be contagious.

Or, maybe it's just the voice inside of me going to all kinds of lengths to persuade me to up my ante, and pony up some additional pledge dollars. Did I mention that Russell has created a ten dollar pledge level, if you prefer PDF format to print format?

That's for ALL FOUR ISSUES, too!

Damn that Russell Nohelty! Confound his hide! There's something more sinister afoot, here, than just a psychotic murderer transforming into a savior during the Apocalypse. Russell knows EXACTLY what he's doing - He's tempting me, just like he's going to tempt you.

The real question, of course, is whether Ichabod ends up killing monsters, or whether it's all in his mind, and he's just brutally killing other people?

Again, Russell Nohelty is bent on keeping us in suspense. How brazenly he milks the Cow of Suspense! How dare he make it so enticing!

Yet, I'm glad that he did make it enticing. I like comic books. I like them, a lot. I also like what I am seeing, where Ichabod Jones: Monster Hunter is concerned.

I joined in, becoming Backer # 89 for this project, and bringing the fund pledge total to $2,818 on a goal of $3,500. With twenty-six days left to go in this crowd funding campaign, I simply can't imagine this particular project not meeting it's funding goal. Like Ichabod would do to one of his victims, I can easily envision this Kickstarter butchering its funding goal, and fleeing well into stretch goal territory.

Regardless of what you're drawn to, reading-wise, I would encourage you to drop by this Kickstarter's project page, and at least give it a quick look-see. But, be forewarned!

You, too, might just become a victim, Ichabod Jones' latest, as this item lulls you in, only to then go in for the kill on your wallet or purse, as the desire to see what happens begins to grow.

But, to be absolutely certain, there are far worse fates in life than to fall prey to reading Ichabod Jones: Monster Hunter.

Indeed, fate being what it is, backing this project and reading this graphic novel (the first chapter, if nothing else) might just turn out to be a true pleasure in life.

Check it out! Me? I'm still struggling to not take that ten buck pledge plunge, and sacrifice a little more moolah, so that I won't be left in the lurch with having read only that very first issue! A little voice inside my head keeps assuring me that it will be OK, if I do that.

Surely, my wife will understand?! Whether she does or not, I'm Squatch Kicking this project!

Take that, Ichabod Jones: Monster Hunter!!

Project: Ichabod Jones: Monster Hunter Print Run
Project Creator: Russell Nohelty
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