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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

As someone who has a long term love affair with the superhero comic book medium, imagine my delight as I happened upon the Hero Or Villain: New Equipment project, while browsing crowdfunding projects under the Food category on the Kickstarter website.

It is a great day when people take a theme and run with it. This project oozes creativity. Take the concept of hero sub-sandwiches, and all of a sudden, you've got both heroes and villains - superhero sandwiches and super villain sandwiches. What could be more lovely than that?

They've already got a food truck up and running. It even already has a superhero and super villain wrap on it, providing eye-grabbing imagery to get people's attention. People being people, somebody is always hungry, no matter where this thing roams and prowls the streets, in its never-ending quest to serve up some tasty food. Talk about saving the day!

This Kickstarter has a decent project video, starting off with a full embrace of the underlying theme, and transitioning mid-way through to the project creators giving a good explanation of why they need to crowdfund some repairs and upgrades to their super-powered food truck.

Will you be one of their heroes, and back this project, that their day might be saved?

Or will you be one of the many villains of the crowdfunding universe, and pass them by in their hour of need?

I really wish that they would increase the visual punch of the project page, by adding more photos or art, but let it not be said that the picture of their food truck, which serves as the actual project image, does not set the tone, as one sets about the task of soaking up what they have to say on that page.

The overall superhero theme is worked into the rewards section of the page, and these daring do-gooders of the food service industry make quick work of explaining both their short term goals and their long term goals.

Now, does this mean that the future holds a sequel, somewhere down the road? Possibly. One can only hope.

Their project video does a superb job, I feel, of demonstrating why they need a newer, quieter generator for their food truck.

I just hope that they do a few video updates, as this crowdfunding project progresses, replete with their take on superheros and super villains in action, for some amateur super-powered fun - that the fun factor of this project can be exploited to its maximum potential. I really think that they have a much better chance of getting this project shared on social media, that way.

Unless, of course, ChefBatman has retired his tights, already.

I'm backing this one!


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