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Thursday, April 16, 2015

The Squatch is back!

Just because you may not have seen it, that doesn't mean that a Squatch hasn't been around. No doubt, some have likely given up all hope, and think that the Squatch Kick website is dead. So much quiet, and virtually no noise at all. The postings have been few and far between, here, so why even bother with coming back?

Because, the Squatch is still out there. Just because you haven't seen it doesn't mean that no one else has. Just ask any of the several different Kickstarter creators that have crossed paths with the Squatch, of late.

Being a Crowdfunding Squatch isn't the life of glamor that some of you out there may have mistaken it for. The crowdfunding swamp is a big, big place, and projects sink beneath the murky waves of failure all too frequently, in spite of the success stories that you read about, now and again.

The Squatch in the boots in the image, above, comes straight to us, courtesy of artist Monty Borror, who I first encountered on a Kickstarter project last year, sometime, called HP Lovecraft Versus Aleister Crowley. So, what better way to burst back upon the scene of posting, here, than with a little visual eye candy from the Masetro of Stylish Horror?

Rumor has it that a Crowdfunding Squatch was sighted messing around with a food truck project up in the Northeastern United States, tonight. As with many Squatch encounters, though, there appears to be precious little evidence to back that rumor up. Be that as it may, I hope to be able to bring you word in the coming days, of what's going on with that. Food truck projects on Kickstarter tend to be an uphill climb, from what I have seen, as far as my wandering through the hills and valleys of Kickstarter's sometimes-foreboding crowdfunding terrain is concerned.

For now, though, let it suffice just to say that I'm back.

I may be back, but I've already begun lurking all over Kickstarter, taking in all sorts of different projects, to get an idea of what's currently out there in the woods of mystery with me.


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