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Sunday, August 24, 2014

The primary interest of mine that attracted me to Kickstarter in the first place was comic books - and one extension of that is the art associated with comic books. One project that has caught my eye is Tales of the good, the bad and the ugly.

This project is an anthology created by the trio of Eric Allard, Julie Ferron, and Lydia Ferron. My first impression of this project is that it is a quality production.

One of the things that this particular anthology has going for it is the variety of the individual tales that collectively comprise the anthology. An anthology is a collection, and what this collection forebodes is a visual delight.

Three separate stories form this comic anthology. One is about Bluebeard, another is about HP Lovecraft, and the third one is about a little boy that makes an amazing discovery.

I really like the diversity of styles that under gird these stories. Each style is delightful, in their own way, and they are simultaneously diverse, yet cute.

It was less than a week ago (5 days) that another HP Lovecraft Kickstarter program that I was tracking ended. That one was HP Lovecraft Versus Aleister Crowley, and its creator was Monty Borror. So, as I began to scroll this other Kickstarter project page, the Lovecraftian element reached out and grabbed my eye. I was immediately struck by how Eric Allard crafted his version of Lovecraft, compared to how Monty Borror had crafted his.

The project page for Tales of the good, the bad and the ugly features a video that is interesting. Eric Allard retained my interest for the duration of the video. The start of the video, especially, grabbed my eye, and it set the stage for me to want to see the rest of what Eric had to say. Disappointingly, the two ladies associated with this project were nowhere to be found in the project video, but Eric got the job done, anyway. If I wore a hat, it would be off to him for a job well done. The video quality was a tad off, but the content was there, and I think that it will get the job done for this trio of artists and this anthology.

From the sequentials on display on the project page, the Bluebeard tale features a heavy reliance upon the color blue, with the background being saturated with it. Even the characters are imbued with their own fair share of blue, but beholding it as it has been rendered, I don't think that Julie Ferron's artistic touch is anything to be blue about.

Eric Allard has opted to give HP Lovecraft a talking cat. I really love his rendering of that cat, with ears of exaggerated length. If you're a cat lover, then you really need to check this out!

And did I mention the automobile that HP Lovecraft gets around in? I'm liking what I see, Eric! The artist crafts a ethereal look for the outside scenes of this tale, from what little that I have browsed on their Kickstarter project page. It is a very nice visual treatment of fog, and it retains a light-hearted look with a touch of eerie.

I have a feeling, though, that the cat will steal the show. Heck, it's already stealing my attention, and I think that Eric Allard is spot on with how he has approached the whole look of this setting. I will say this for Allard's Lovecraft - he certainly strikes a dashing pose!

But, whatever compliments that I might toss out about the first two tales, the third tale by Lydia Ferron is not overshadowed by what precedes her moment in the spotlight of this undertaking.

Lydia Ferron has presented a wonderful page of sequentials on the Kickstarter page for this project, one that is a cornucopia of panels that immediately leave me wanting more.

She does a fine job of making her work stand out in this anthology, and I get the feeling that her tale will end up being a bodacious tale of adventure, as the reader follows along with the telling of this story.

If you're looking for a good project to back, then you could certainly do a lot worse than give this project a look.

Project: Tales of the good, the bad and the ugly
Project Creators:  Eric Allard, Julie Ferron, and Lydia Ferron
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