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Monday, August 25, 2014

Oh, my God! What's not to love??

This little web comic project really caught my eye, as I was browsing the various comic projects on display on the Kickstarter website.

An egg as a private eye. That's choice!

And, his name? Slam McCracken - That's so utterly delightful!

I love black and white artwork and comic books, anyway, having devoured Conan Saga and Savage Sword of Conan oh so many years ago. Let me tell you, the taste for comic books in straight up black and white format never goes away. Web comics have value, too.

Yeah, color is cool. It's really cool. We live in a world full of color, at times. But, I'll tell you something else that's no less cool, and that's substance. This here web comic? My gut instinct tells me that it's got substance to it. Slam McCracken is no empty shell, I'm telling ya.

What we've got, here, is a humanized egg, a hard-boiled character that is actually an egg, one that the artist imbues with human characteristics, to bring it to life as a person. Now, you can do that with virtually anything - a rock, a lamp, even a drop of water, but utilizing an egg to fill the role means that you can crack a few eggs when it comes time to play on words. Take the character's name, for example - Slam McCracken. What do you do with eggs? You "crack" them. Hence, the crack in McCracken.

Slam McCracken is hard-boiled, meaning that he's tough, he's been around. Even his first name, Slam, implies that he is tough. This is no easy egg to crack, I guarantee you.

So, what you have is this tough guy egg character, one who is a private detective, living and interacting within a noir environment. The Merrian-Webster dictionary describes noir as "crime fiction featuring hard-boiled cynical characters and bleak sleazy settings." Thus, Slam McCracken is going to fit right in, in this kind of environment.

But, it gets even better! Are you ready for it?

Imagine, if you will, cops that are donuts. I don't mean that there will be cops eating donuts. What I mean is that the cops, themselves, will be actual donuts, just like Slam McCracken is an actual egg.

Need an assassin? How about a Swiss Army Knife come to life? That's the kind of web comic that it will be, and that's what I think will make it so much fun and engaging to read.

I've watched the project video for this Kickstarter project, and I've also scrolled down the page a little bit and watched the preliminary video. Personally, I like the preliminary video better.

But, why don't you watch both, and then you tell me which of the two videos do you think does the better job of selling this project to the masses.

I really wish that this Kickstarter project had more art on display, as I think that, if it did, then the world and its characters would come to life a whole lot better and a whole lot quicker for a lot more people.

Even still, I think that Slam McCracken is the right man for the job. Whether you choose to pledge to support him or not, that's your choice, but you only do yourself a disservice by not checking this project out.

Give the videos a go, and consider giving Slam McCracken a fighting chance.

Project: Slam McCracken: Hard Boiled Private Eye, debut webcomic
Project Creator: Greg Woronchak
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