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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

This is a project that has quality written all over it. From concept to realization to execution, Squarriors just oozes quality at every turn.

Squarriors: Teeth & Nails is a Kickstarter project that I have visited on multiple different occasions. It appealed to me, the very first time that I laid eyes on it, and it still appeals to me, even now, well after that first encounter.

This is a tale that takes place in a post-human world. Gulp!!

Yep, that means that you and I are no more, and in this tale, animals have developed intellect with the capacity to reason. Thus, human qualities combined with savage instinct, all presented in a cute - yet serious - style.

Imagine a world where there are thousands upon thousands of kingdoms - kingdoms comprised of animal life, scattered across a world where they war with both other animals and with their own kind.

The art is beautifully rendered. These are squirrels that you can cheer for - on looks, alone, if not in spirit. Lush details for their fur help to bring these animals alive. The artistic details set the stage for suspension of disbelief.

It's this very same quality that brings alive magical places within great tomes of fiction, including J.R.R. Tolkien's world of Middle-earth and Robert E. Howard's Hyboria.

Because these animals are imbued with human qualities, they become all the easier to relate to. Thus, it makes the journey with them through their tale - and through all of the adventure and dangers that such entails - all the more possible.

There's just so much to love, here. Everywhere that my eye darts across the artwork, it finds pleasing things to see. Already, I find myself wanting to take sides, to join the Tin Kin tribe in their struggle. It's a wonderful thing, to feel that kind of connection to a work of fiction, especially fiction crafted in the modern day.

That tells me that there's something quintessentially right about this project. Squarriors call out to me, they summon me, through their beautiful palette of colors and their intricate attention to detail. The story appeals to me on multiple levels. It harkens to my sense of adventure!

On my treks across the Kickstarter website, I encounter all kinds of projects. Squarriors: Teeth & Nails is a stark reminder of why I gravitate towards the comics section of Kickstarter.

Ideas like this, concepts of such a grand scale as this, deserve our support. They warrant our backing.

Here, we have a world fleshed out, one populated with all sorts of new characters - characters that we can fall in love with, characters that we can sympathize with, characters that we can relate to.

Thousands of people have launched projects on Kickstarter, in the time span that Kickstarter has been in existence. In that amount of time, many very deserving projects have come about, because of support from the public masses. This project is already well on its way to becoming the next in a line of great and worthwhile undertakings.

To behold it is to realize what success is! I encourage you, in these remaining hours that remain on this Kickstarter project's campaign cycle, to give it a look. I believe that you, like myself, will find very much to admire!

I am one with the Tin Kin, as I Squatch Kick the Squarriors!

Project: SQUARRIORS: Teeth & Nails
Project Creator: Devil's Due Entertainment
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