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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

ACK!! This is the kind of Kickstarter project that I love so much, that I hate it.

I hate it, because the urge to back it is the equivalent of instantaneous compulsion. I love it, because it looks just so damned beautiful.

The project image for this Kickstarter just screams at me, demanding and commanding my attention in a visual roar. Holy cow! Is it even legal to inject this much energy into a Kickstarter project image? You're damned right I'm backing this one!

But, I'm not stopping there. Nope! I've got to Squatch Kick this thing! You heard me right - I'm Squatch Kicking it.

Already? Already.

This bad boy comic book hails from the creator pool of Unstoppable Comics. Where have I been, all my comic book reading life? Clearly, I'm missing out on some high octane comic book punches, by staggering around in the dark not knowing about these guys. If I've heard of them, before, I can't remember. Maybe I ran across them, previously, and the shock from what they're putting into their comic books was just too powerful for my brain to take.

Either way, this is a comic book company that is now firmly on my super hero radar. They've got some great art and some fabulous coloring going on with this Origin of Dr. Zero stuff. I had to back it. I swear, I just could not resist! Clearly, there's more to this Kickstarter project than it being just another comic book.

What this is, is sensory overload. My eyes are reeling, darting all over the project page, just trying like Hell to soak it all in. Damn you, Dr. Zero! I've fallen victim to the visual sway that this Kickstarter is asserting in a visually dominating way.

If you happen to stumble upon this Kickstarter, you had best beware! You might even want to consider running away, because it just might hit you like a ton of visual bricks.

The super hero genre of comic books is alive and well, with this kind of energetic material being prepared and published in today's day and age.

Yeah, yeah. I know, I know. Superhero comic books come a dime a dozen. They tend to be over-priced, and all too often, they tend to disappoint. Sub-standard art. Piss poor lettering. Color plopped down in big blobs of bland do-nothing-for-me-ness. Don't act like you don't know what I'm talking about - You've seen it before, also.

Here, we're being treated to none of that. Instead, what we're looking at are some top notch characters - good looking characters, ones imbued with individuality and artistic substance. I sense bad ass action is just around the bend, with the cast of characters being assembled for the Origin of Dr. Zero.

And, the worst part of it all? It's not that I'm going to be plopping down some pledge bucks to secure for myself a copy of the Origin of Dr. Zero. It's not even that I might just be on the verge of following the not-so-good doctor into other issues, as well.

No, the worst part of it is that I am genuinely fearful that I am about to get sucked into the world of Unstoppable Comics - and that, my fine Kickstarter friends, may turn out to be an even bigger threat to my wallet than Dr. Zero could ever hope to become.

Dr. Zero, consider yourself Squatch Kicked!

Project: Unstoppable Origins #4: The origin of Dr. Zero
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