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Sunday, August 24, 2014

This is a Kickstarter project that I am backing, and while I have backed other Kickstarter projects prior to this one, this is the very first project that I am going to spotlight on this blog, for the very simple reason that its funding deadline is only a week away.

Typically, I don't gravitate towards projects like this one. To me, it's jewelry, of a sort, though it does also legitimately qualify as a craft project. Even still, it's just not the sort of thing that usually appeals to me.

Which, of course, is all the more reason to feature it, here, on this blog.

I like this project for several different reasons, chief among them being that it is colorful, has a reasonable funding goal (one that is very achievable - and on the verge of being fully funded, even as I write this), and the creator is a lovely young lady who has what I think is a combination of an entrepreneurial spirit and a brand worth creating.

People launch projects on Kickstarter, all of the time. Most of them, however, don't seem to focus very much upon the brand aspect of what they are doing. This young lady, Holly Tillman, hails from Greensboro, North Carolina, and in my considered opinion, she IS the brand.

Holly Tillman - Creator of Whimzical Whizkers Charms and Buttons

This one project is NOT the brand. Rather, it is but the latest extension of it. Holly is young, attractive, and she brings to the public a realm of color. Cute, colorful little pieces of beautiful trinkets and do-hickeys - and do-dads. It's creative, fun little stuff, small things to be certain, but things that will make your world a little bit brighter. This kind of stuff, right here, this makes people smile. It moves the happiness meter up a notch.

Holly is an individual who not only has that intangible quality called pizzazz, but she wants to help you to have a little pizzazz, also.

Kickstarter project creators are always looking for an edge up, in their bid to gain backers and funding for their projects. Browsing photos of some of Holly Tillman's previous creations has convinced me that she deserves a bigger kick. Did I say how much that I love those boots that she customized, which I put on display on this page? Well, I do! Those boots are just the embodiment of awesome!

Kickstarter is more than a crowd funding site. It is also a medium that rewards creativity. And if there is any area where Holly Tillman is lacking, it certainly isn't in the area of creativity.

This is one young lady whom I truly wish the very best for, and I hope that she takes her own brand by the horns and energizes its growth.

So, with just seven days left in her Kickstarter campaign, I'm giving this project the Squatch Kick!

Project: Whimzical Whizkers Charms and Buttons
Project Creator: Holly Tillman
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