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Sunday, August 24, 2014

Welcome to Squatch Kick!

Well, hello, and welcome to Squatch Kick!

This blog site has come about from me discovering a desire deep within me to delve into the realm of the Kickstarter - not as a creator of Kickstarter projects so much as from the perspective of the backer side of things.

That's not to say that I will never try and use Kickstarter to fund a project of my own with, but for now, at least, what I post here on this blog will come from the backer bleachers.

The blog will double as sort of an ongoing documentary of my explorations of various Kickstarter projects that I encounter, and as a repository of advice and analysis of the same.

Apparently, I didn't have enough things gobbling up my time, so creating this blog site was a natural step in the evolution of my growing interest in crowd funding. I have to point the Finger of Blame at Salvador Briggman, the crowd funding uber guru whose KickstarterForum.Org site snared me one day out of the blue, quite unexpectedly. I've been a prisoner of interest of the forum, there, ever since, with no sign of my interest in gaining a better grasp of what gives Kickstarter projects their "kick" abating anytime soon.

Going forward, the intention is to create and compile a series of articles on the subject of crowdfunding, particularly as it relates to Kickstarter projects. My personal sympathy is always with the newbie to crowdfunding, and I hope to be able to turn this site into a destination that is useful to people that are new to launching and running Kickstarter campaigns.

The Internet is a vast place, of course, and this site is barely a speck on the horizon of what Kickstarter creators are looking for, advice-wise. But, sometimes, maybe a speck of information is all that you really need.

Squatch Kick is a hybrid term that embodies two of my personal interests - Sasquatch and Kickstarter. This site is NOT associated with Kickstarter Inc., in any way. Like most of you, we're just fans - of both crowd funding, in general, and of Kickstarter, specifically.

Be sure to check back with us, from time to time, if you don't find what you're looking for, on today's visit.

In the meantime, we'll keep on trying to find ways to help you to SQUATCH KICK your Kickstarter, because every project could always use a bigger and better kick!

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  1. Hope your blog goes well and I will pop back for more nuggets,